Friday, 7 November 2008

The 'Yard Gal' Culture

Hey guys
Some of you may know I'm the stage manager for Yard Gal, directed by Stef O'Driscoll, that is up at the Oval Theatre House, London (got 5 stars in the Evening Standard, woohoo!)
The play revolves around two young girls living in hackney, who get caught up in the Yard Gal image; violence, gangs, knife crime, prostitution and drugs.

This play is as relevant as ever today. Nearly everyday in the newspaper you will see a report about gun and knife crime, gang culture and young deaths. More about more young people are associating themselves with the gang culture, separating themselves from others, creating this divide between them and normal society. Some children are walking around with knifes in their pockets to protect themselves; at what point did this happen, when a child had to carry a weapon to feel safe?

This culture is spreading over the country too. I've started to see it spread into my small fishing town in South Devon. The reason why my parents moved there was because of its 'safe' society, to raise me up somewhere away from London. But only last week it was printed in the Metro that a girl was glassed by another girl to her face and neck and she needed something like 30 stitches, and this was in Plymouth!! On police programmes i see my local towns being highlighted due to the binge drinking and violence at weekend. Last year on my 21st i was actually assaulted by 3 men in one of my local clubs. They severely broke my wrist, and the damaged done to it will stay with me for the rest of my life. I was scared of going to the clubs here in London when i first moved up, but I'm now more scared of being out in my home town!

Briton is divided by different cultures and 'clicks', not just in a religious or racial way. Has Briton lost its community through this division and will she ever get it back? Or do those wholesome communities only live on the box in town called Emmerdale?? (Yard Gal tickets on sale now)

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