Tuesday, 21 October 2008


hello fellow d.i.c's!!!
finally worked out how to do this.
cant wait to get stuck into a worth while project, either as a whole group or in smaller groups.
At first i really wanted to be in a big group as being the stage manager for Helios last year was so amazing, i felt so lucky to be part of this massive project and it was so fun to put together.
But whilst speaking to others it seems like people want to be in smaller groups and to be honest this is probly easier to organise. It was quite hard and frustrating trying to organise rehearsals with 30 ppl who were all doing different lessons and all had jobs.
so if ur in a smaller group then u can fit around each other, but you do have to do more work in arranging and putting together everything.

Neway what ever we decide on im sure itl be exciting.
im just worried about this blogging thing, im not very good at writing!

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Mark Griffin said...

Great to see you up and running Em!