Saturday, 10 January 2009

A midsummer night's dream with a twist.....

I went for an interview the other day at Southwark Playhouse to apply to be a ASM in their production of A Midsummer Nights Dream. But this dream is not set in your local forest, but it has being transported over to Old Japan.
"Southwark Playhouse re-imagines Shakespeare’s most magical play in Samurai Japan, bringing the mysticism of the East to the atmospheric cellars beneath London Bridge Station.
Inspired by the delights of Japanese Kabuki dance, the grace of Noh theatre and the comedy of knockabout Kyogen clowns this Midsummer Night’s Dream will create a world where the charmed and the charming co-exist.
Packed into 90 minutes this production will combine vibrant verse, striking physical imagery and ensemble performances to breathe life into this most mischievous of plays. "
Just reading about it sounds so magical. Plus as it's being staged in the wonderful Southwark Playhouse, where the roof is arched, the brick is exposed and you can hear the trains pass over it, i feel this will only added to the magicness of the play.
So I went along to my interview, very excited about the show, but unfortunatley knew i wouldnt be able to take the job, as i realised my dates for my collab performance and their show would clash.
But i though i'ld go along any way as its good practice. So i explained this to them, and although i cant attend the whole run of the show and the rehearsals, they said i could come a few days a week when im free to help out and make set, costumes, props, etc. Which is great, as i had fallen in love with this production.
I know the set and costumes are going to be truely beautiful and i'm definitly going to book tickets to see it aswell.
So this got me thinking aswell, where else could you set Midsummer nights dream? And what other plays could you do this with? Everyone has seen the new modern versions of shakespeare, but its never really been set in different eras or different cultures.
I look forward to working on and seeing how the Japenese take on Shakspeare's A Midsummer Nights Dream works out. From what i've heard it's going to be like a dream...!

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i'd love to see it!!